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What Is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Symptoms of COPD
In addition to the previously mentioned symptoms, people with COPD may experience chest tightness, fatigue, and difficulty sleeping. If your symptoms are worsening or you’re finding it harder and harder to do the activities you once did, you should speak to your doctor about treatment options.

Treatment for COPD usually involves medications to open up airways, lifestyle changes to reduce exposure to irritants, pulmonary rehabilitation, and oxygen therapy to improve oxygen flow throughout the body.

When to Consider Hospice Care for COPD

Sometimes, COPD can progress to the point where a person can no longer take full responsibility for their own care. In this situation, hospice can provide supportive services tailored to the individual’s needs. Palliative care services focus on managing symptoms and providing physical, emotional, and spiritual support during the advanced stages of COPD.

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How Hope Hospice Can Help Someone With COPD

Hospice Care

At Hope Hospice, we offer various services to support people with COPD and their families, including symptom management, palliative care, emotional and spiritual support, pain management, and bereavement counseling. Additionally, we provide volunteers to help with many daily tasks so that we can focus on what matters most.

Our Services

Our services include pain and symptom management, psychological and social support, grief counseling, and chaplain services. We also provide support to help with everyday tasks and respite care if needed. Our multidisciplinary team of professionals work together to develop a personalized care plan tailored to each individual and their needs.

How We Can Help

We offer evidence-based treatment, compassionate support, and emotional care. Our goal is to give our patients the resources and support to make their lives as comfortable and meaningful as possible, even in their last moments.

Our Commitment To Caring

The Hope Hospice team is dedicated to providing quality care and support to our patients and their families. We are committed to providing compassionate, comprehensive end-of-life care, no matter the situation. We strive to provide comfort and dignity during this difficult time and to ensure that you and your family are supported in your journey.

What They Say

You were amazing! I will never forget the love and support that was shown to us during our time with Hope Hospice. 



Not only were they knowledgeable, but also so kind-hearted. They were the perfect fit to work with Mother and with us. 



Thank you for the amazing care my mother received during her last days on Earth. Your staff brought forth the knowledge and strength to help our family. 

Roy & Bat

-Daughter & Son-in-Law

We really weren't sure what to expect with hospice care, but Hope's guidance and compassion was beyond anything we could have imagined. My mom's nurses brought such care and attention, and I know she looked forward to their visits each week. 



I can't thank you enough for the compassionate care that you gave to my husband during his hospice care. Everyone involved with Hope Hospice was amazing!



This Hospice does not have employees, they have angels. No matter how low my spirits were, they ministered to me just like I was the patient. They will never know how much they helped us. They became much more than caregivers. They were like family. May the lord richly bless them.

Hope Hospice and their wonderful staff provided the utmost clinical care with the greatest effort for my mother's dignity. My mother loved her nurses and looked forward to their visits until the very end. The nurses honored her by attending both her funeral and graveside services. They were great support and comfort to me.

The Hospice nursing staff are angels! They listened to my concerns and were caring/loving to my uncle. THey made his dying experience better than we could have hoped for.

We had the most amazing Hospice experience. The NP's caregivers and techs that delivered and picked up the equipment: Mom was treated, always, with sincere love and respect. God truly blessed our family.

We knew we were never alone in his battle with illness. The team met all of our needs for medical care, emotional care, and other, such as bathing needs, prescriptions, and follow-up calls. I thank everyone we met.

Common Questions About COPD/Emphysema

Review our frequently asked questions to find the answers to common queries:

Yes, lifestyle changes can help improve COPD symptoms such as taking medications, avoiding smoking and exposure to pollutants, and exercising regularly.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for COPD. Treatment focuses on managing symptoms and slowing the progression of the disease.

If you are having a COPD flare-up, contact your healthcare provider immediately. Your doctor can provide guidance on how to best manage your symptoms.

Common tests used to diagnose COPD include spirometry tests, chest X-rays, and CT scans.

A hospice team can help patients with COPD manage their symptoms by providing symptom management, emotional support, respite care, and supporting everyday tasks.

Pain management options for COPD include medications, oxygen therapy, and pulmonary rehabilitation.

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